For foreigners in Toyama, We will help you!


Hi, everyone!

I’m sa-ken(@saaken28) who live in Toyama with Taiwanese wife.

Today, I will write this article for foreigners in Toyama to help them.


Chinese ver.


Japanese ver.



Don’t you have any problems in your life?

For everyone who lives in Toyama, don’t you have any problems in your life?

For example…

  • You wanna have your bank account
  • You wanna see a doctor, but Japanese is too hard  to understand
  • You wanna get a part time job, but you don’t know how to prepare
  • You wanna know how to use public transportation
  • You wanna know how to have cellphone number


There are numerous problems, in fact…


Then, I and my Taiwanese wife will help you!

Why do we do that?

My Taiwanese wife also had those problems as same as you.

So, we wanna help people who have same problems.

Send me messages if you need our help

If you need our help, send me messages whenever.

You can send me messages by 2 ways.

1.This blog


We will help you as much as we can!